15th December 2009:   

Harlow Business Growth Vouchers

Vouchers in the Harlow area which have been funded by the Harlow 2020 Partnership have now gone “live”. These vouchers are specifically for businesses in the Harlow Council area and are £500 each and like the other larger vouchers can be used against advice and/or delivery of appropriate services. As usual the businesses awarded these vouchers will be working with a Business Link Adviser who will have completed a process to identify the “issues” that the business may have and an action plan will have been created to address these. The voucher will then be used to get external help from you to provide the appropriate solutions. As usual the value of the voucher is a contribution towards the cost of the help provided.

 Any businesses that you feel might be appropriate to access the new voucher should be directed to call the usual Business Link number of 08457 17 16 15.


2nd October 2009: The Co-operative Movement has put into effect their support for the start-up and support of co-operative ventures known as the co-operative enterprise hub.  Click through to their web site http://www.co-operative.coop/Enterprisehub/ for full details , or look at our own web page.

12th May 2008: The East of England Plan, the Revision to the Regional Spatial Strategy for the East of England, has been published today (12 May 2008).   Government Offices work with regional partners to develop, implement and monitor ‘Regional Spatial Strategies,’ which set out Government’s planning and transport policy for each region for a 15-20 year period. The strategies provide frameworks for determining planning applications, as well as for preparing both Local Development Documents and Local Transport Plans.

9th May 2008: Businesslink East, the East of England enterprise support organisation have revealed details of their voucher scheme for co-operatives and social enterprises.

25th February 2008: It is the start of Fairtrade Fortnight and all across the country there will be events to help publicise the Fairtrade message.  In Harlow we have an exhibition of Fairtrade celebrity photographs in a special showing at the Gibberd Galley, Civic Centre, the Water Gardens, Harlow, Essex CM20 1WG.  On Tuesday 26th February the Playhouse is putting on 3 screenings of the film "Black Gold".  See the Playhouse website for full details.

12th September 2007: The Harlow CDA can now announce a new service for the people of Harlow and the surrounding districts.  This new approach helps those in need of a service to be much more easily put in contact with those able to supply that service (and locally!).  The suppliers will be mainly working in the social need and not for profit sector, with a number of consultants and trainers that can help with small business launches and growth.  Many courses and seminars will be at low cost, or for free.  Please check out the website http://harlowportal.coop for full details.





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